Established in 2015

Established in 2015, Dilira Villas offers a blend of modern elegance and Cretan charm. Each villa features panoramic sea view, a private pool, and personalized services for an unforgettable retreat. Experience Greek hospitality and luxury at Dilira Villas.

Imagine a breathtaking view, a beautiful sunset, a peaceful scenery, a blue sea lying in front of you and a rocky hill covered with the fragrance of cretan herbs.
This is our home. This is the place we love. Here we decided to make a complex of three houses, DiLiRa, which we named after our children. Di stands for Diana, the goddess of hunting. Li stands for Lida, the mother of Helen of Troy. And Ra for Rami-Alexander, the Great.

What do we aim for? We want to transmit to you the peacefulness that we feel when we see the Cretan Sea and the wild beauty of the cretan rocky scenery.

We look forward to your stay.

Dilira Team


Our mission at Dilira Villas is to offer a harmonious blend of modern luxury and Cretan heritage, ensuring every guest experiences unparalleled relaxation and delight.


At Dilira Villas, our vision is to be a top choice for travelers seeking luxury in Crete. We aim for hospitality excellence, providing personalized service and unforgettable experiences in Crete.